H5P activities list

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ID Title Activity type Show/Hide
2Exercise 1.1: Your goals for your college degreeDocumentation Tool
3Exercise 1.2: Record your degree requirementsDocumentation Tool
4Exercise 1.3: What else do you want to learn?Documentation Tool
8Exercise 1.5: Calculating Credit Card Interest ChargesDocumentation Tool
114 Types of Student LoansAccordion
13Peer ProgramsAccordion
14Exercise 2.1: Exploring the Academic CalendarDocumentation Tool
18Exercise 2.5: Balancing College and Personal ResponsibilitiesDocumentation Tool
19Strategies For Textbook ReadingAccordion
20Get to Know Your TextbookAccordion
21Exercise 3.2: What Do You Think?Documentation Tool
22Exercise 4.1. Learning from a poor PerformanceDocumentation Tool
23Exercise 4.2. The Good and the Bad: Using Instructor FeedbackDocumentation Tool
24Exercise 4.3: Assess Your StrengthsDocumentation Tool
27Exercise 3.1: Connecting skills and knowledgeDocumentation Tool
28Exercise 5.6: Semester ReflectionDocumentation Tool
29Exercise 5.3: ReflectionDocumentation Tool