How to Recharge an IGET Bar Vape: A Comprehensive Guide

The IGET Bar Vape is a popular disposable vaping device known for its convenience, nicotine content, and strength. With its specific IGET Bar vape nicotine content and IGET Vape strength, it offers a unique vaping experience tailored to the user’s preferences. However, for those curious souls who wish to explore the possibility of recharging this disposable device, this guide is for you. Before we delve into the details, it’s essential to note that recharging a disposable vape like the IGET Bar is not recommended due to safety concerns. This guide is purely for informational purposes.

What You’ll Need:

  • An IGET Bar Vape
  • A micro-USB or USB-C cable
  • Scissors
  • Pliers
  • Sockets with short-circuit protection

Step-by-Step Guide to Recharging:

How to Recharge an IGET Bar

Data Sources: How to Recharge an IGET Bar

  1. Gather Your Tools: Ensure you have sockets with short-circuit protection to avoid potential electrical shocks. You’ll be modifying the micro-USB cable to create a DIY charging cable.
  2. Create a DIY Charging Cable: Cut the USB cable using scissors. Inside, you’ll find four wires: red (positive), blue (negative), green, and white. The green and white wires are for data transmission and won’t be used for charging.
  3. Open the IGET Vape Bar: Hold the vape steady with one hand and gently grasp its base using pliers. Carefully draw out the battery and vape system, ensuring you don’t damage the internal structure.
  4. Determine Battery Polarity and Charge: The battery in the IGET Bar has a red wire (positive) and a blue wire (negative). Connect the red wire from your charging cable to the red wire on the battery and the blue wire to the blue wire. Charge the device for no more than 2 minutes.
  5. Reassemble the IGET Vape Bar: Once charged, reassemble the internal components, ensuring there’s no leakage from the E-liquid and the battery isn’t overheating.

IGET Bar Vape Specifications:

  • IGET Bar vape nicotine content: The IGET Bar Vape offers a specific nicotine content tailored to provide a satisfying vaping experience. It’s essential to choose the right nicotine strength to match your preferences.
  • IGET Vape strength: The strength of the IGET Vape is designed to offer a balanced and enjoyable vaping session. Whether you’re a seasoned vaper or a beginner, the IGET Vape’s strength caters to all.

Tips and Precautions:

  • Battery Life & Specifications: The IGET Bar comes with a 1500mAh lithium battery, offering 3500 puffs. However, recharging is discouraged due to safety concerns.
  • Safety First: Always work in a static-free environment, never leave the device unattended while charging, and ensure there’s no E-liquid leakage.
  • Disposable vs. Rechargeable Vapes: Disposable vapes like the IGET Bar are designed for single use, while rechargeable vapes are intended for multiple uses. It’s essential to understand the differences and the risks associated with attempting to recharge a disposable vape.


While the idea of recharging an IGET Bar might seem appealing, it’s crucial to prioritize safety. The bar vape is designed for one-time use, and any attempts to recharge it come with inherent risks. For a hassle-free vaping experience, replacing your disposable vape with a new one once it’s depleted is always best.


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