Further Course Information

Topics outlined below would be applicable in both undergraduate and some graduate courses to provide an interdisciplinary foundation in the field.  Students would gain information vital in the historical, psychosocial, cultural and political study of key issues with contextual understanding of legal rights, advocacy efforts and future needs of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.  Students will be introduced to Disability Studies theory, vocabulary and models framing all future academic, professional and personal pursuits.

Title: Achieving Comprehensive Education for Understanding Intellectual & Developmental Disabilities (ACE IDD)

  • Historical Foundations: Treatment of People with DD (PwDD) in Western Cultures
  • Legal Concepts & Key Philosophies (U.S. federal & sample state laws)
  • Advocacy Trends to Support Individuals, Families & Professionals
    • Advocacy Trends: Models of Disability
    • Individualized Transitional Planning
    • Identity / Language Usage
  • Additional Resources (all CC BY license, legally protected)