Achieving Comprehensive Education for Understanding Intellectual & Developmental Disabilities (ACE IDD), supported by the City University of New York (CUNY) Open Textbook Project, is geared to multiple courses and interdisciplinary studies across our dynamic campus communities.   Though primarily presenting foundational topics, this introductory information also contains resources for suggested advanced study.

While some may find interest in the wider range of topics, our material will aid comprehension though more focused investigation.  Both undergraduate and some graduate students thus can gain an interdisciplinary foundation in this vital work.  Students will gain information essential to the historical, psychosocial, cultural and political study of key issues with contextual understanding of legal rights, advocacy efforts and potential needs of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.  Students will be introduced to Disability Studies theory, vocabulary and models framing all future academic, professional and personal pursuits.

Disability Studies is a well-supported, dynamic field incorporating a necessarily broad range of issues for multidimensional work.  As the Society for Disability proclaims  “Disability Studies sits at the intersection of many overlapping disciplines in the humanities, sciences, and social sciences…[this] allows students, activists, teachers, artists, practitioners, and researchers to engage the subject matter from various disciplinary perspectives.” (SDC)

Our focus will support individuals either continuing or commencing a career working with and for people with disabilities in community-based and governmental agencies, with individuals of all ages, families and professionals.  CUNY School of Professional Studies (CUNY SPS) endorses multifaceted study through emphasis on the historical, psychosocial, political/legal and cultural issues affecting our populations.  Academic options comprise both online and in-person learning, including non-traditional modalities to broaden the individual learners’ avenues for education and career advancement. Just as the early creators of the internet intended, our purpose is to allow more accessible, multiple points of entry for accumulating this knowledge.

Participation can now include fully online, nation-wide and international enrollment, as well as increasing numbers of Zero-Cost Textbook initiatives courses, including: DSAB 201 01 Embodiment and Disability, DSAB 208 01 Disability in History, DSAB 605 01 Disability and Diversity. Motivated learners are advised to consult CUNY SPS or CCNY sites for full course catalogue and range of offerings.