Appendix A: Interviewees and Survey Respondents

Chief Librarians

  • Steve Ovadia, LaGuardia CC
  • Simone Yearwood, Queens College
  • Raquel Gabriel, CUNY Law
  • Njoki Kinyatti, York College
  • Michael Miller, Bronx CC
  • Mary Mallery, Brooklyn College
  • Kenneth Schlesinger, Lehman College
  • Kathleen Dreyer, Borough of Manhattan CC
  • Emily Drabinski, Graduate Center
  • Amy Stempler, College of Staten Island
  • Arthur Downing, Baruch College
  • Barbara Gray, CUNY Journalism
  • Carlos Arguelles, Kingsborough CC
  • Jeanne Galvin, Queensborough CC
  • Jeffrey Kroessler, John Jay College
  • John Pell, Hunter College
  • Judith Schwartz, Medgar Evers College
  • Maura Smale, New York City College of Technology


  • Timothy Lynch, Queensborough CC
  • Valeda Dent, Hunter College
  • Steve Everett, Graduate Center
  • Eva Fernandez, Guttman CC
  • Lester Rapalo (Provost) and Luis Montenegro (Dean of Faculty Affairs), Bronx CC
  • Peter Nwosi, Lehman College
  • Derrick Brazill, York College

CUNY Central Office

  • Lucinda Zoe, Senior University Dean and Vice Provost for Academic Programs and Policies
  • Robert Maruca, Associate University Provost for Planning
  • Tamera Schneider, Associate Vice Chancellor and University Vice Provost of Research
  • Brian Cohen, Chief Information Officer, and James Haggard, Deputy Chief Information Officer

Pie chart of survey respondents broken out by OLS committe type.


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