3 Goals And Priorities

The thematic analysis clarified three cross-cutting goals that the Office of Library Services, as a CUNY unit in service to all CUNY Libraries, should aspire for between 2022 and 2027.

Three Five-Year Goals

  1. Integration: Increasing library campus-based relevance
  2. Innovation: Supporting proactive efforts aligned with campus needs
  3. Centralization: Leveraging economies of scale and efficiency across CUNY

Six Five-Year Priorities

Six priorities for action emerged through which OLS goals will be addressed between 2022 and 2027:


  1. Student-focused universal access to libraries 
  2. Institutionalizing path breaking and proven practices
  3. Cultivating information and digital literacy
  4. Supporting evolving notions of research and scholarship 
  5. Dynamic and efficient collections and platforms 
  6. Professional development and training for next generation libraries 


The specifics of each priority, including rationale, five-year actions related to each of the three five-year OLS goals, and end states OLS will track to measure progress and impact are detailed on the following pages.


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