10 Implementation

To implement the plan, each year OLS will undertake action planning whereby the OLS team defines what it will do to move the plan forward based on capacity, resources and interests.

The annual action planning process may be adapted over time to optimize engagement and effectiveness, with each year’s plan functioning as a living document. However, the envisioned process is outlined in the following diagram.

Diagram of implementation plan. In April and May the upcoming year plan is crafted. Priorites are set by OLS and shared with CUNY Libraries and Central. Budget requests are submitted that support strategic priorities. Budget planning begins. Updates to operational template are made with actions in mind. From July to September OLS makes the operational plan public, begins implementation of the plan, and regular check-ins on progress are made at OLS meetings. From November to December, those regular check-ins continue, mid-year progress reflections begins, and updates on status are shared as appropriate with the community.



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