Andrew McKinney

This project was a truly collective effort at every step and required the time, attention, and expertise of more than 40 people along the way.

At the very beginning stages, the members of the DOERS3 steering commttee and Capacity Building Working Group were instrumental in taking this project from a vague idea to a concrete plan. Deepak Shenoy, Andrew McKinney, and Amanda Coolidge developed the initial OER Contributions Matrix. Amanda and Andrew socialized it across the field via countless meetings and conference presentations. The initial proposal for the book was hashed about by Andrew, Amy Hofer, Cheryl Cuillier, Judith Sebesta, and the rest of the Capacity Building Working Group. The DOERS3 steering committee’s support of the project and willingness to write it into a Hewlett Foundation grant proposal was essential to getting things off the ground.

Angela DeBarger from the Hewlett Foundation deserves special acknowledgement for seeing the value of the project and generously funding it accordingly. Without her support, we would not have been able to create this resource. Funding from the Hewlett Foundation allowed us to pay writers, peer reviewers, Scribe for proofreading, and a production manager to work on the design and accessibility of the text.

Thanks and praise to all the case study authors. There dedication to both their institutions and the field is apparent and their patience with what became a somewhat lengthier process than anticipated is much appreciated.

Every case study was peer reviewed by two peer reviewers in an open peer review structure. Our peer reviewers were Merinda McLure, Jonathan Poritz, Judith Sebesta, Shannon Smith, and Patricia Westerman. Their thoughtful feedback greatly improved the depth of these texts and they can’t be thanked enough.

Josie Gray shepherded the manuscript after we got it back from the proofreader into Pressbooks, fixing formatting errors along the way, and did an accessibility review to make sure the text met appropriate accessibility standards.

Lastly, this project would have taken even longer and its editor been even more disorganized without the help of Annika Many and Luisa Rodriguez of EdBridge Partners. Annika and Luisa organized the authors and peer reviewers, handled all the paperwork needed to get everyone paid, and gently pushed the project along after the numerous times it stalled out. Luisa also designed the cover image. Without their help, this project never would have came to fruition.


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