Week 2 Reflection: Culture and Society / Family Names and Cultural Identity

Additional reading

1] Alapo, Ch. 7. Culture and Leadership in the 21st Century: National and Family Culture. 

 2] **Savomar et al. (2016) Ch. 3 The Deep Structure of Culture: Lessons from the Family. 

 3] OpenStax, Ch. 3 on Culture and Society.



Watch and respond to video: Link to the video: https://storycorps.org/animation/facundo-the-great/

Feel free to research additional content and include it in your summary.


Artifact Presentation

Each person will post a 3 – 5 minutes video presentation on BB about an item of significant cultural value to them / their family / culture / heritage. 

1] Intro of who you are, where you are from, your background, family culture, religion, language, travels etc : 1 – 2 minute

2] Short summary of your artifact, what is is about and use the discussion question as a guide:  2 – 3 minutes

Make a video of 3-5 minutes about your artifact:  about a cultural artifact with meaning to your family’s culture or to your culture as a whole. Explain your cultural heritage and the relationship with the artifact: 

                    1] Tell the class why it is an artifact (cultural heirloom, religious, something your grandma brought when                          coming to America, something of family value, a religious, cultural symbol). 

                     2] What cultural, religious or family ties do you have to this item? 

                     3] How has the item helped you in identifying or maintaining your cultural values / identity? 


Q: What if your family does not have an artifact?

R: You can find something from your culture or a place you have visited of unique or significant value that tells of or shapes a person, family, community’s cultural identity….read the assignment carefully….and the week reading etc ;]


Reflection 1

Post a reflection summary on what you learned from your artifact presentation or from the presentation of your colleagues. What did you discover in relation to culture, heritage, identity and belonging?


Reflection 2

1] Share a thought about your first/ last names/married names.

2] Were you named after anyone?

3] Do you know the ethnic, cultural or religious roots of your name?

4] Do you know the meaning of your name? Is your name ever misspelled/mispronounced/misgendered?

5] How does that make you feel? You can share whether you (dis)like your name and possible reasons why [adapted from Anti -Racist Pedagogy workshop at BMCC].


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