Week 6

Reflection 1: Social Stratification

1. Track the social stratification of your family tree. Did the social standing of your parents differ from the social standing of your grandparents and great-grandparents? Are there any exogamous marriages in your history? Does your family exhibit status consistencies or inconsistencies? Provide specific examples.


[For example,  an exogamous marriage is the social norm of marrying outside one’s social group. The group defines the scope and extent of exogamy and the rules and enforcement mechanisms that ensure its continuity. One form of exogamy is dual exogamy, in which two groups continually intermarry with each other. In social science, exogamy is viewed as a combination of two related aspects: biological and cultural]. 


2. Where did your family grow up? What is their understanding of the American Dream and how you can achieve it? Does your family share the same understanding of stratification? Provide specific examples.



Reflection 2: Developed and Underdeveloped Cultures

1] What does it mean for a country to be seen as “underdeveloped”? What about “developed”? How does this shape our perception of the citizens within those countries?

2] Provide specific examples using your, parents, grand – parents countries of origin or where your family originated from in any part of the world including the US or where you have traveled to as a case example to the question above.

3] We will share and discuss in class how it is to work or be around people from different backgrounds, class, race, ethnic groups, gender, sexual orientation etc. 



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