Week 1 Reflection: Culture / Cultural Diversity

Reflection 1: Culture / Cultural Diversity

1] What is your understanding of cultural diversity?

2] Define your understanding of culture.

3] Share your travel or experiences with another culture [can be in NYC, within or outside the US].

4] See the link below and share some of your own cross-cultural interactions and activities in, and around NYC or through your travels and other cross-cultural experiences: A SAMPLE OF DR. REMI ALAPO’S DIVERSITY AND CROSS CULTURAL ACTIVITIES AROUND NEW YORK CITY


Reflection 2: Names

1] Share a thought about your first/ last names/married names.

2] Were you named after anyone?

3] Do you know the ethnic, cultural or religious roots of your name?

4] Do you know the meaning of your name? Is your name ever misspelled/mispronounced/misgendered?

5] How does that make you feel? You can share whether you (dis)like your name and possible reasons why [adapted from Anti -Racist Pedagogy workshop at BMCC].


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