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Version Date Change Details
1.00 December 8, 2014 Original book published by OpenStax. OpenStax managed the versioning for this book and edited as needed during this time.
1.01 August 7, 2019 Book imported into Pressbooks by BCcampus. BCcampus imported Psychology from the OpenStax CNX platform into Pressbooks to allow for faculty to more easily adapt the content for their own purposes.
2.00 September 17, 2021 Book republished by BCcampus as Psychology – H5P Edition The version includes the following changes:

  • Over 280 H5P activities were added throughout the book.
  • All references to OpenStax within the content were removed.
  • Dead links were either deleted or updated.
  • Videos were embedded.
  • Headings, image captions, and textboxes were cleaned up.

Overall, the content was not significantly updated.


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Introduction to Psychology (A critical approach) Copyright © 2021 by Jill Grose-Fifer; Rose M. Spielman; Kathryn Dumper; William Jenkins; Arlene Lacombe; Marilyn Lovett; and Marion Perlmutter is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License, except where otherwise noted.

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