Chapter 8. Higher order cognition: Language and Intelligence

Chapter 8. Critical Thinking Questions

  • How does language shape our perception of the world and influence our thoughts and behaviors?
  • What impact does bilingualism or multilingualism have on cognitive processes and brain development?
  • Can language limit our ability to think or express certain concepts? Provide examples to support your answer.
  • How could grammatical errors actually be indicative that children are learning language well?
  • Describe a situation in which you would need to use practical intelligence.
  • Describe a situation in which emotional intelligence would help you communicate better.
  • How do different theories of intelligence shape our understanding of human capabilities and potential?
  • What are the potential biases and limitations of intelligence tests in accurately assessing an individual’s intellectual abilities?
  • How does the concept of intelligence vary across different cultures and societies? How does cultural context influence our understanding of intelligence?
  • In what ways can stereotypes and societal expectations about intelligence impact individuals’ self-perception and performance on cognitive tasks?
  • How do environmental factors, such as access to quality education and socio-economic status, influence the development and expression of intelligence?
  • What role does genetics play in determining intelligence? How does the interaction between genetic and environmental factors affect intelligence?
  • Can intelligence be accurately measured by a single IQ score? What other factors should be considered in assessing an individual’s intellectual abilities?
  • What are the potential consequences, both positive and negative, of emphasizing intelligence as a measure of human worth and potential?
  • How do different domains of intelligence, such as emotional intelligence or creative intelligence, contribute to overall human intelligence?


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