Chapter 7. Memory

Chapter 7. Personal Application Questions

  • Reflect on a time when you struggled to remember something important. What strategies did you employ to enhance your memory? How effective were those strategies? Would you approach it differently now based on what you’ve learned about memory enhancement techniques?
  • Describe something you have learned as an adult that is now in your procedural memory. Discuss how you learned this information.
  • Describe something you learned in high school that is now in your semantic memory. Why do you think you still remember this information?
  • Describe a flashbulb memory of a significant event in your life. Do you think this memory is accurate?
  • Which of the seven memory errors presented by Schacter is most troublesome for you? Provide an example of each kind of error in your life.
  • Create a mnemonic device to help you remember a term or concept from this chapter.
  • Think about your current study habits. Are you using any memory-enhancing strategies while studying? If yes, which ones? If no, which strategies mentioned in the course material do you think would be beneficial for improving your memory while studying?
  • Reflect on your sleep habits and their potential impact on memory. How many hours of sleep do you typically get each night? Do you notice any differences in your memory and cognitive abilities on nights when you have sufficient sleep compared to nights when you have inadequate sleep?
  • Consider the role of exercise in memory improvement. Do you engage in regular aerobic exercise? If yes, have you noticed any changes in your memory or cognitive function as a result? If you don’t exercise regularly, do you think incorporating exercise into your routine could potentially benefit your memory?
  • Think about a challenging course or subject you have encountered in the past. How did you approach studying for that subject? Were you aware of the most effective study techniques at that time? Looking back, what study strategies could you have employed to enhance your memory and improve your understanding of the material?
  • Reflect on your note-taking habits during lectures. How do you currently take notes? Are there any strategies mentioned in this chapter that you could incorporate into your note-taking process to enhance memory encoding and organization?


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