Collaborative Study Guide

Over the semester, you will be working in groups to produce a class study guide that reflects the course material, lectures, and class discussions.  You will begin by working individually in the first two modules before being randomly assigned to a group.  From Module Three through to Module Thirteen, each group will be responsible for creating one component of the study based on the material for that module.  Components include: a timeline, a glossary of important events, developments, terminology, or people, and study questions.  Other components might be added depending on class make up and what you as a class decide is essential.  Details, including necessary links and registration information for the collaboration platform (such as Teams) is available on Blackboard.

Alternately, students could work as individuals in building a collaborative study guide where student get credit for participating in a variety of ways each module.  This model could include students posing questions or asking for clarification and other students answering those questions.


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