Course Requirements and Grading

Course Requirements:

  1. Class Participation 10%
  2. Text Annotations 5%
  3. Reading Journal 10%
  4. Collaborative Study Guide 15%
  5. Primary Source Study 20%
  6. Secondary Source Review 20%
  7. Final Exam 20%

Class Participation

Active class participation is a required component of this course.  This entails coming to class prepared and ready to engage with the material, as well as contributing to a positive learning environment.  Participation points can be earned in a variety of ways including through participating in in-class discussions, completing in class assignments, or taking notes.

Text Annotations

This course will utilize the collaborate reading application or Perusall.  For each module, students are required to submit substantial comments on the assigned readings.

Reading Journal

You will be using the journal tool in Blackboard to discuss selected assigned readings.  For each entry in the Reading Journal, you will be given a prompt to discuss using the assigned reading(s).  Through these reading entries, you will build skills in historical and critical analysis

Collaborative Study Guide

Over the semester, you will be working within small groups to develop a study guide which will reflect the course material including the assigned readings, lectures, and class discussions.  The Study Guide will consist of a timeline, a glossary, and study questions.

Primary Source Study and Secondary Source Review

You will be writing two short essays for this class.  For the Primary Source Study, you will present your own analysis of a set of historical primary sources.  For the Secondary Source Review, you will review and critique an article related to the course material.

Final Exam

The final exam for this course will provide you an opportunity to demonstrate your understanding of the course material.




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