City Tech as a college campus offers more than academic studies. There are many services and staff members available to support your academic work and other activities on campus.

You will often use email when reaching out to professors and college staff to ask for help or for information about campus services. Although it may seem old-fashioned, the fact is that email remains a primary means of communication at many workplaces, including colleges. You will get better results and begin to develop professional communication skills if you take the time to write clear, polite emails. Consult tips on professional email communication for guidance.

Bear in mind that busy people are not always able to respond to email immediately. Allow 48 hours for a response. If you still haven’t heard back after 48 hours, write again, politely reminding the recipient of your question. If the situation is an emergency, you can also call or visit a campus office in person.

Below are listings of services that can help smooth your college journey.

Each semester, City Tech posts Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on its website. For example, for Fall 2022:

Help comes in many forms!

Library Building, LG18R

The mission of the Student Success Center is to connect City Tech students to personalized guidance, resources, and support to foster persistence and retention to timely degree attainment. Employing a holistic approach, the SSC seeks to help students thrive as active, engaged, and informed participants in their educational journey. Services include JumpStart Success Workshops for new students, one-on-one Success Coaching, the MoneyWi$e financial literacy program, Study Group facilitation, Emergency Resource support, and even charging stations. If you need support and are not sure where to start, the Student Success Center can connect you to the help you need.

Academic Help

Do you want to improve your work? Is something you’re studying not clear to you? There are several services ready to help.

General Building, G608

For one-on-one help with your written work, book a session with a writing tutor, either in-person or online. First visit the booking site: You will need to register to make appointments. For directions on how to register, follow the instructions on the website. Appointments will last for 45 minutes even though the booking is for one hour—this gives tutors a bit of time to do paperwork and prepare for the next writer.

Library Building, 4th Floor

Need help with a research assignment? Visit the Ask a Librarian desk to get one-on-one help with your project. The library also offers assistance through an online chat available 24×7 through the library website.  There is a large collection of books, including textbooks, available for borrowing; digital research materials and e-books can be found on the library website.

Your City Tech ID is your library card! Activate your card each semester at the library’s Borrow & Return Desk to print, borrow books, and access digital resources from home.

Library Building, LG-18 | 718-260-5874

This campus center offers tutoring for several math and biology courses. Visit their website for information about current tutoring options.

Another option for tutoring:

  • Students also have access to online tutoring through—check your Blackboard announcements to see how to access this service.

Students motivated to do their best in their classes often meet with tutors to improve their work and create independent, sustainable study habits. For good results in tutoring sessions, take a specific project with specific questions to your appointment. Don’t expect tutors to do your work for you because they won’t—they will guide you to learn.

Feeling overwhelmed? Need advice?

Namm Hall, N108 | 718-260-5030

The Counseling Services Center provides free and confidential counseling to City Tech students in-person, by phone, and by video. Services include individual counseling for academic, career and personal challenges as well as crisis intervention. The Center also provide support groups, referrals to campus and community resources, workshops and faculty/staff consultation. Counselors might not have all the answers, but they will listen to concerns, give answers when they have them, and direct students to helpful resources.

Food Pantry

General Building, G411
Appointment Link:

At the N.E.S.T., you will find free grocery items including fresh fruits, vegetables, herbs, milk, eggs, and meat, as well as flour, beans, rice, tofu, porridge, and a variety of other staples. You may choose groceries according to your individual needs and preferences: halal, kosher, vegetarian, and more (shelf stock varies with availability). There is also some availability of hygiene items such as toothpaste, diapers, and wipes, and clothing items including scarves, gloves, and socks. To participate, book an appointment at the link above. “Grab and go” items are available without an appointment, so stop by if you are hungry!

Not feeling well?

Academic Building, ALL110 | 718-260-5914

The Student Wellness Center offers first aid, feminine products, a lactation room, and other free services and programs designed to help students maintain and/or improve their well-being, and make healthy life choices.

Need childcare?

Namm Hall, NG14 & General Building, G309 | 718-260-5192

Our Children’s Center is a nationally accredited early childhood education program that provides a rich educational experience for children of students while they are attending classes, internship or participating in a federal work-study program.

Need accommodations?

Library Building, L237 | 718-260-5143

To support the educational goals for enrolled students with disabilities through access, empowerment, resources, advocacy, collaboration and outreach throughout the college, CUNY, and the community at large, the Center provides assistance in the areas of enrollment, academic advisement, tutoring, assistive technologies and testing accommodations.

Need visa or immigration information?

General Building, G516 & G510 | 718-260-5391

City Tech’s students represent 133 countries. OISS provides counseling and advisement support to foreign nationals in F1 or J1 visa classifications, and serves as a resource regarding immigration policy updates, compliance with rules and regulations, and options for employment and life in New York City. Visit the office for tips to maintain your F1/J1 status and for other information.

Looking for the Lost and Found?

Namm Hall, N109 |  718-260-5550

Ensuring the safety and security of all persons at the college, preparing for emergencies, and providing “Lost and Found” services are all part of the mission of the Department of Public Safety.

Technology Services

Library Building, L114 | 718-260-4900
General Building, G600 & Voorhees Building, V217 | 718-254-8565

Open computer labs are available to current City Tech students. In G600, there are two additional rooms, G608 (a Mac lab) and G606 (an ePortfolio lab). Additional computer services are available in the Library. Check their websites for hours and services.

Peer Programs

Sometimes a peer is able to offer support in ways that professional faculty and staff cannot match. City Tech recognizes the need for students to be supported in many ways, and as such has a variety of Peer Support Programs that you can look to for assistance and/or join to become a peer leader yourself.



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