As you enter the last few weeks of the semester, your college workload will probably ramp up again. With deadlines for final projects and final exam dates rapidly approaching, many students (and more than a few professors!) find this a stressful time.

Rest assured that you are not alone if you feel busy and anxious. You may be tempted to skip meals or stay up late studying, but that is counterproductive. This is a time to double down on taking care of your physical and mental health. Make sure you’re eating regularly, getting enough sleep, and moving physically (remember those stairs). Check out the group workshops offered by Counseling Services, and consider making an individual appointment if you would like to speak with a counselor.

Similar to midsemester, you can expect to adjust your schedule at the end of semester to allow extra time to work on projects and prepare for final exams. Tell friends you’ll have more time to hang out in a few weeks after you’ve aced your exams. If possible, temporarily reduce work and family obligations.

Soon, the semester will be over and you’ll have a break from classes and studying. Plan something special to reward yourself after your successful completion of a college semester!

Exercise 5.5: Checklist for End of Semester

Click to download a fillable document: Exercise 5.5: Checklist For End Of Semester

Exercise 5.6: semester Reflection

You’ve completed a semester of college—possibly your first! That’s a real accomplishment. Take a moment now to look back at Exercise 1.1, at the very beginning of this Companion, where we asked about your goals.

Think about what you said you wanted to achieve this semester, and write your thoughts here. Some ideas you might consider writing about: Have your goals changed, and if so, how? Did you accomplish what you wanted to? If so, what helped you succeed? If not, what held you back? What have you learned this semester that will help you as you continue on your college journey? Include the date you write these reflections and come back to them when you begin your next semester.



Click to download a fillable document: Exercise 5.6: Semester Reflection


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