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About this CUNY Pressbook publication

The John Jay College Justice eReader is a product of the Transforming the Justice Core Project, made possible through generous funding from the Teagle Foundation.

An interdisciplinary working group of faculty in the humanities, criminal justice, and social sciences at John Jay College has identified significant Supreme Court cases relevant to students interested in social justice issues and their intersection with legal and criminal justice professions. Using these cases as a foundation, the working group has selected readings and media that assist students in interpreting and analyzing the key themes and issues at stake in each case.

The eReader is organized by Supreme Court cases and features original material by John Jay College faculty and selected OER content. Both provide varying perspectives on the issues of each case.

The eReader takes a unique approach to exploring landmark Supreme Court cases. It integrates perspectives from the humanities, liberal arts, and social sciences to critically examine the ethical, legal, social, historical, and political implications that shape these cases. We believe that this approach will equip readers with the necessary skills to navigate the complexities of the contemporary American justice system, thereby empowering them to make meaningful contributions to their communities through public service, legal practice, law enforcement, or other professions.

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