HOW to use this book

HOW to use this book:

  • Start at the table of contents. Skip over a chapter you think you understand and go back to it if you were wrong 🙂
  • Each chapter has some dry and technical text but bear with us, sometimes learning requires brain strain.


Every section starts with a SNAPSHOT, a brief description of what is covered in the section.


Every chapter ends with a TAKEAWAY. If the takeaway doesn’t make sense, re-read the chapter or check out the video embedded in the chapter or in the appendix.


Most chapters have one or more ACTIVITIES. Completing the activities will reinforce what you learned (muscle memory). They are the physically active part of your learning experience.


We also threw in a DID YOU KNOW box, kind of like a Snapple bottle cap. Collect enough of these and you might just become a bona fide photo nerd.
  • If you see a word or phrase underlined or red click on it for a definition.
  • Finally, take a brain break, don’t try to read everything at once….If all you hear in your head is blah, blah, blah….then its time to take a break and check out one of the videos.
  • We have added a section called Watch and Learn. Here you will find all the videos that appear throughout the book in one section, as well as some new ones.


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