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  • The poetry of the ordinary Try seeing everyday objects, situations, and habits in a new light, find their beauty or gracefulness
  • Evidence of  human presesnse
  • Painting with light Use the flash of your phone in a room with no lights on, and have someone move it around creating shapes. Use a slow shutter speed (1 or 1/2 sec.) The camera should preferably be on a tripod.
  • Treasure Hunt How many letters from the alphabet can you find and photograph from nature and man-made objects
  • Space Travel You are traveling by yourself, visiting life on a different planet, and you can bring a dozen photographs. Some of them are to show the inhabitants, what life is like on our planet, and others are personal. What do you want to look at while you are away from home?
  • The Place of Memory What places or things are impactful, that you see them for more than what they are but for a story or time they still hold?
  • Film Noir Use shadows and light to create scary images
  • Watching Find a spot in a park or a street corner to sit, or any place where there are a lot of people, set your camera on a tripod and pre-focus it to 15 ft. Determine the correct exposure and set shutter speed and aperture. Don’t look through the viewfinder, just watch and take pictures whenever you think you see something interesting, but don’t change the focus or the camera’s position. Stay until you finish the roll of film, but no less than 1 hour.
  • Diary Use your camera as a diary, shoot 5-10 pictures a day for 10 days



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